Devils Bane.

  • It takes more than one shot to kill, doesn't shoot too fast and has barely any range, if you see someone with it the don't go within 5 meters of them. It's not rocket science

    If I'm not wrong, as long as the person is close to you (shotgun range), it is a one shot kill. Even if it's not a one shot kill, it doesn't take much skill to ensure 2 hits. It actually shoots fast and seeing how the damage output is extremely high at close range, I can see how it is annoying for others. It's pretty much like the XM in CS:GO. It doesn't have good range naturally because it's a shotgun, people won't rush at you from 50m with it. People normally equip it while waiting in houses, around corners or if they're rushing you behind a fence etc.

    However that being said, it is in the game and people are free to use it. I'm not agreeing to ban it as it's not overly broken/overpowered.

  • Acid hit it spot on to sum up the Devils Bane. I feel when Nelson added it he tried to kinda even it up giving it really terrible range. The 1 shot isn't actually accurate because it varies. The Bluntforce has more spread than Devils Bane giving more of an accurate "1 shot" where as Devils Bane I feel doesn't have as much spread. The Devils Bane' s shots are weird like 1 or 2 will hit sometimes but the others will miss.