Polaco's Appeal

  • Steam Profile URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/pola3020
    Reason: Glitching
    Server: Freezzer Sandbox 1-1 (PEI)
    Executor: 10K
    Date: 2018-02-27 04:26:44

    Reason why you should unban me: I started playing this server for a long time, more than 1 year i think, i even had my own team and we were a lot of players, it was almost like a separate comunity from the game. I used to play everyday and i really enjoyed doing it, but one day i had to change my account. A few weeks ago i started playing Unturned againg since a long time and i found this server. On february 27 (between 2 or 3 days after starting playing on Freezzer again), i was banned for glitching. I know that glitching is forbidden, but i forgot about that rule at the moment i was doing it. I can explain all the details of how i glitched if its needed: I was bored, so 2 friends were conected and i went to their position by jet. They were in cape rock, in a cave. When i entered the cave i didnt see them, they were glitched inside the terrain, i was so bored, so i didnt thought about the rules at the moment, so i sent them /tpa and i glitched inside the terrain too. Then we spawned an APC and my friend started driving, there was another APC glitched near us, but i dont know if he got banned too. I started shooting with a "Lockdown" but without damagin anyone. Then i got off the APC and theres when they ban me. But i never shooted/damaged somebody, or abused that glitch. Now that im thinking better about it, I really regret about doing that, like i said before the server was very boring at that time and i wanted to do something interesting so that is what happened.. If i get unbanned , you can trust that i will never break the server rules again. From now on i will follow the rules carefully, and i will make other players follow them too.

    I apologize if I bothered you and for taking your time. I really enjoy playing Freezzer, and i hope to see you again in the server.:griefer: