Banned for insulting Freezzer "Freezzer is Hella gay xddddd"

  • Also, remember when spawn protection was introduced. How sentries are now deleted when you place them near spawn. Guess why that was made?
    It was because of ya boi here. I was the person who set up Delet camps of over 120 hostile sentries in one location. Spawnprotection wouldnt let you die... so imagine 120 nykorevs with adaptive chambering firing at around 8.33rps.

    All the blood, all the shots would cause you to crash, thus hence the name Delet Camp.

    And oh look, a photo... let me guess, Renegade still wont believe me because "THERES NO WAY OF TELLING THATS YOU" even though its right here in front of your face.

    My man.

    It was a good run y'all, I had lots of fun.

  • This appeal is getting rejected for multiple reasons. 1. This is in the wrong section. 2 This isnt a proper appeal. 3. You didn't even make a notion you were sorry for doing it because you said you don't regret it all. Which is not a way to get unbanned.