My staff aplication.

  • Steam profile:


    Name: Luka

    My Age: 16

    Play-time: I have 850 hours in Unturned and 305h on Freezzer servers.

    Activity: I play Freezzer servers at least 3h a day. There are days I don't play at anything.

    About My Self: I come from Croatia from a region called SLAVonija. I can be serious but I am mainly relaxed and funny.

    Why chose me for Support-Staff: I have been playing on your servers a long time I believe there are a lot of problematic individuals. Also i have heard that you are in a need of Staff so...:griefer:

    Oh almost forgot my timezone is +1h by Greenwich

  • 1) We are not recruiting staff

    2) You need a lot more detail in your application

    Application rejected

    Thread Closed

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