Doctor Bright's Unban Appeal

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    Reason: Nazism

    Server: One of the Sandbox servers, don't remember which one.

    Executor:  WildB3ast

    I'd like to start playing on these servers again, I actually had fun during my time on Sandbox and I realise my behavior was genuinely unacceptable. Despite being banned about a year or more ago, that's no excuse for what I did - and since I've started playing Unturned again I would love to start playing on Freezzer once again to actually have fun and not screw around. As I said, I realise that what I did was a massive display of stupidity and I would be grateful if you forgave me for my actions.

    If my memory serves right, I was specifically banned for screwing around with a friend and roleplaying as Nazis in a "Nazi-mobile" while saying completely idiotic stuff in chat. Again, this behavior was completely unacceptable and I would not like to repeat what I did. I hope anyone who reads this can understand I would like to come on and actually have fun - not at the expense of others.

    Thank you.

  • Appeal accepted

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