ShiSp0nk's Support-Staff Application

  • Steam profile link + name: ShiSp0nk:

    Real name: Mellonie

    Age: 14

    Game and Freezzer play-time: (Unturned playtime): 1523 hours. (Freezzer playtime): 572 hours

    Recent/current weekly + daily play-time: (Recent playtime): 94.4 hours. (Daily playtime): 4-5 hours, rough estimate.

    About yourself: I live in the U.S, in the state of Florida (Miami, Florida). I'm in 9th grade, already heading to the 10th grade (Which I'm not too excited about). I'm mainly a PC gamer, I play Unturned, The Forest, Cities: Skylines, and 7 Days to Die as my main games for now. I am mainly on the Freezzer servers, and prefer the decent populated servers (10-15 players). Though I do play on more populated Freezzer servers if I have friends on them. I spend quite an amount of time on the Freezzer Discord, as I'm even ranked number #1 in levels for messages. I know basically everyone that messages on the server regularly, including the staff members. My dream vacations are Germany, Russia, Ukraine (Odessa), and Singapore. I am a Global Staff member on the Fortnite & Unturned Discord ( ). I am also a staff member on the Unturned server group "Lithium" ( ). I am also a skin collector for Mythicals in Unturned. (mainly the "Meta" affect).

    Why you would be well suited to become a Support-Staff: I'm noticing a lot of people are being accepted into being trial-supports. And that's great, but I think only one staff member in the whole team lives in the U.S, and he isn't around much to take on reports. When it's nighttime for me and I see a report, no other staff is online, and someone is usually needed then if it's a spammer/hacker/glitcher. I have much time on my hands, and will basically have all the time in the day when Summer comes. I am basically a couch potato, so I can make myself somewhat useful on Freezzer. I am pretty active on Unturned, so even if a report isn't made, I might see a call for help in the server is they discover what looks to be glitch base or hacker. I also get annoyed at when people in the PEI servers decide to speak anything besides English, and no one really comes on to deal with them most of the time. I think I will at least make some sort of positive impact on Freezzer Gaming.

  • We've never seen this much support on an application, wow. Congratulations, your application is accepted :) You'll be contacted shortly regarding the details of your trial

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