support team application

  • before i get into the application i just want to say that if this does get denied i do promise i wont send anymore applications not in rage at anyone but just because this is as big as i can make it Application


    Steam profile link:


    Real name:Andrew


    Unturned playtime:429h

    Freezzer playtime:105h

    Average weekly playtime:20h

    Daily play time:6h+

    about me:Hello my name is Andrew (you can just ask for my last name if you want i really dont care but im friggin sleepy after making this application pardon my slight anger but disgard it i am 16 turning 17 in a few weeks (july 1st) i live in north carolina i go to bed late and wake up early i have 4 dogs i am normally a friendly person unless i dislike you but it takes alot to get me to dislike you, i have no tolerance for bullies or racist people (i am not a racist so upon calling me a bully or a racist will most likely upset me) i do not swear alot but i do sometimes swear i do not excessively swear though so dont worry about that.

    Reason:I would love to be apart of the support team to help prevent people from exploiting the game and to help the people who get bullied and stop people from using offensive language towards others to prevent advertising of any kind and to keep the swearing to a minimum to prevent people from being trolled whether its staff or the members to stop people from impersonating other people (and stop offensive names) to prevent people from camping in spawns (and prevent turrets in spawn as well) and stop any offensive signs i promise to not threaten any members with bans.