Ban Appeal

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    Reason: Banned for Advertisement but I do not recall doing this but it happened about 1 year ago

    Server: all freezer servers I try to join but I have no clue which one I was banned on

    Executer: Freenex (the owner of the server)

    Reason you should unban me: You should unban me because freezers is the biggest server and everyone plays on it. It is the best and the only sandbox server I have found and all the others are just bad and makes me DC every 5 minutes or so. All my friends play on this server and unless we find something else this server is the only thing we enjoy all the time. I have no memory of advertising and I am sorry for doing so. my ban was 2017-11-07 17:00:57 which is almost a year or may be a year ago. I really want to get unbanned so I can have fun on the biggest best server in unturned and I hope you take the time and unban me because it would mean a lot to me and my friends.