LTK Watermelons Support Staff Application

  • My TMOD Staff Application for 2018

    Before I start I wanted to use a different Application Format because I feel like it offers more information about myself. If it is required in the other format plase message me and ill fix it.

    (please read the whole thing before accepting or rejecting)

    About Me:

    I am currently a freshman in high school with a passion for video games. I enjoy many games such as Fortnite, CSGO, and Unturned. In the future I would like to have a career in software engineering or ethical hacking. In the next four years, I will be learning Java Script and hopefully some networking skills.

    My previous staff experience (all games):

    I own a private LAN Server on Unturned and I mess around and try out new Rocket Plugins. I also try out some of the staff commands and I also make my own plugins. I do not really have much experience of staff, but I am hoping this could be a chance for me to start.

    Why I would like to be staff:

    I would like to be staff because it would give me a reason to play more Unturned and use the skills I have developed in this game.

    Why I stand out:

    I think I stand out because I know how to deal with players. I currently own a discord server and deal with these problems everyday. Discord has taught me to treat every situation as professionally as I can (AKA I treat gaming and streaming like a job). I also have 430 Hours in Unturned so I definitely know how to play the game. I also do not say offensive things or start fights with players, and I try to be as polite as possible.

    What would I benefit to the server by becoming staff:

    I would benefit the server by helping setup events, dealing with hackers or exploiters, dealing with players, and setting a good example for other staff on the server.


    My primary server: Freezer Sandbox #1

    My age: (if you don't want to say, just put "13+") 14

    My country and timezone: USA and PDT

    -Contact Info-

    My Streaming Email: [email protected] (This is NOT a private email so do not block for this)

    My steam URL:

    My Discord:«LTK» Watermelon#8677

    (You must copy and paste to get the special characters in my name, Sorry)

    My Twitch:

    My Gaming Instagram:

  • Application rejected on the basis that your Freezzer playtime is far too low (4hr)

    You may re-apply once you have at least 100 hours on our servers

    Thread Closed

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