Ban for nazism

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    I didn't know who is Hitler. I readed wiki and i fell really bad of saying long live Hitler(yes i sayed that). The only thing wich i know about him was that he was saving my country(i dont think so now). I think you have to unban be because i didn't know who is Hitler. And i would like you to fix this rule, because i know that there is much people who think that he was good but he is bad. I think you need to tell those people that Hitler was bad don't ban them just tell them true or give warn. I am really sorry for that like really. And i hope no one like him will never become dictator of any country!

    P.S. i am sorry if i have bad grammar

  • Your ban has now been adjusted to 30 days - it goes without saying that this is an abyssal joke of an appeal, and an obvious pisstake

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