Staff memebers are weird... V2

  • Why do they close a threat after they comment on it and don't even let other guy respond? In all forums Iv'e been (quite much) then it was never like that, like i don't understand it why do they do that it's quite much a nonsense in example a ban appeal, you appealed and he is just rejecting it without any questions or nothing, you should just write there something instead of insta rejecting and closing thread. It looks like supports are allowed to do everything how they want it no rules for them only not breaking the rules what are the same for all players, no ban-time system if they just want to ban u they can ban u for how long they want and that's fu**ed up. Thank's for your time reading this.

  • This ain't a ban appeal

    It was a question quite much, read with understanding :) and to this ban if supports I mean SUPPORTS not admins can ban for any period of time then it's just bad and u probably don't have a system for bans etc or do you?

    Ban appeal rejected.
    Your ban expires in 30d.

    Btw if we are here then tell me the reason why it's "rejected"

    edit* that is longer than 2 sentences

  • Dear WildWolf525,

    Yes, we have a ban system but we let our support use their best judgement in some cases.
    But of course there are guidelines given for how long the ban time should be for each individual offense.

    You got banned for trolling and "your inappropriate behavior.".