Ban Appeal.

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    Reason: Inappropiate name.

    Server: All Freezer Servers.

    Executor: lool1234566

    Reason: Why should unban me: He ban me because he said that Rommel was a Nazi and a member of the Nazi SS and I know that indeed he was a General of the Werhmatch but he was opposed to Nazi ideology and antisemitism from the beginning, Rommel even planned the assassination of Hitler in 1944 (which failed and then he had to Either to suicide or be killed by his own army) so I think I should NOT be banned using for this name.

    P.D. I know he (lool1234566) is German and it could be offensive for him but litelary says that he was oppoed to Nazi ideology in the 3rd paragraph of Wikipedia. Thanks for you time and sorry for the bad orthography but Im not English.

  • Appeal rejected - your 3 day ban will remain

    Thread Closed

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