Ban appeal

  • Steam url:

    Reason: Glitching

    Server: Sandbox #2-4

    Executor: lool1234566

    It's my brother account and he should be unbanned beacuse he didnt understood the situation. He is still young and as most persons this age didnt rode the rules. He know that glitching is forbidden, but he were plaing on server and glishers were killing him, so he not knowing how to report a player and overall not knowing english he joined my two friends in getting rid of them. They killed them and destroyed beds, teleported me to them so we would be ready if they come back. It was noticed by admins and they banned three of us. As I and my friend were knowing that glishing is forbidden, I wont beg for unban for me and him. But my brother both dont know english and rules, and he didnt do anything being gliched other than killing rest glichers. I want him to be unbanned.

  • He know that glitching is forbidden

    my brother both dont know english and rules

    He either knows the rules, or he doesn't.

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