A discussion on the Hecate in arena

  • The hecate is the second non-explosive one shot weapon added to unturned. The first was the hollowcharge, added in the Greece update. The difference between the two was that the hollowcharge had one shot per magazine, a long reloading animation, and no scope or attachments, along with absolutely abysmal iron sights. Although it secretly did have infinite range it was only good up close or medium range, assuming you could make the shot. The hecate, on the other hand is the hollowcharge on steroids, 1 tap headshot, 10 shots per mag, a decently long reload/firing animation, a long damn range, but coupled with an easily learn-able, but heavy bullet drop. In the regular freezzer sandbox settings it is fine, as it is set up in an infinite loot, open-range world. If you die to a Hecate in sandbox, you can teleport to a friend, a bedroll, or just spawn somewhere else. The reasons it shouldn't be allowed in arena is because of its 1 tap ability. Hitting a headshot, on a moving, or stationary target isn't difficult once the bullet drop is memorized. Every other weapon allows for some kind of reaction of retaliation. The TTK (Time to kill) for a hecate is 0.01, on headshot, The headshot TTK for a grizzly with adaptive is somewhere around 2.2. If you get hit by a grizzly shot, you have time to move, prone, crouch, shoot back, etc. In a competitive setting such as arena where reacting to attacks from literally any weapon. The counters of, just be more aware, m o v e more and what if they miss can all be countered by, it isn't terribly hard to hit someone moving or not, its quite hard to be aware of someone when you instantly die and have no time to react. There is no skill in a weapon that players have 0% chance of countering if they are unaware of your presence. And yeah that's about it.

  • The best way to counter a Hecate is to get close to the sniper. the gun is absolutely terrible for close quarters combat. Get a mid-range gun (at least 200 meter range). and sneak up on the Hecate user. This is how I often deal with them. Take my advice, I have a 2.69 KD and this advice has really helped me fend off snipers.

    Not to mention how fun it is scaring the crap out of unaware snipers who you sneak up on. The sound of rapid fire gunshots is enough to make anyone who is unaware jump in their seat.