Manigras Hacking (Aimbot)

  • Involved Player(s): Manigras: Steam ID:

    Offense: Aimbot

    Server: Freezzer Sandbox 1-4

    Time: March 9, 6:00 PM to about 7:00 PM, Time Zone: GMT -4


    Note: Manigras is somehow always able to lock onto my position even if I hide and one position, move to another and try to snipe him. Notice how he is able to immediately see me near the end of the video? I intentionally let him kill me at the end of the video to get his gamertag:

    Note: After 1:25 in the video it shows a perfect example of how he was able to instantly lock onto my position.

    Also after 6:30 in the video is shows another good example of how he was able to lock onto to me. In this instance he fired using what I think is a sharps rifle but I was able to move in time to dodge.

  • Thank you for your report however the provided evidence is insufficient, and we will not be taking any action.

    Thread Closed

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