Remove the ability to take damage while using spawn protect.

  • Should you be able to take damage wile using spawn protect? 11

    The result is only visible to the participants.

    Why can I still take damage even though my spawn protect is on? When I spawn and someone starts shooting me they drain my health to 0 and once the spawn protect is over I die instantly in one more shot. It makes spawn protect totally useless.

  • I think Freezzer should make it so a few seconds before the protection ends, just then your character will be able to take out the weapon in the /load, so they will be able to start kill the enemies that in the area, only after the protection ends and not while the player still has it.

  • Or they can make it where if you try to spawn kill someone the person you are shooting at immediately gets teleported to another spawn location. That way you can't spawn kill anyone because they would just teleport somewhere else before you get the kill.