Abusive Chat And Toxic

  • Involved Player(s):Croissant And His Profile Is here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/bignathweed/

    Offense:Swearing And Cursing 

    Server: Russia 1-2 Sandbox

    Time:3:43 P.M 

    Evidence:I was playing,and I saw croissant joining.I toldhim I am quitting his group and I am with another guys in team,more exactly croissant enemies,and he started to curse me.HE said I am a noob and he is trying to get more guys to his side to keep kill me until I rage quit forever.He is keep telling me he will start bully me and I said "I will report you,why shall I keep saying please and sorry?" and he said "Go on noob,that's all you can do"