AcidMonkeys staff apply

  • Real name: Jarne

    Age: 14year

    Game and Freezzer play-time: 470+ hours

    In game hours: I have alot of experience in the game and servers, I now have over 1700 hours in unturned.

    Steam profile:

    Discord: AcidMonkey #6993

    Recent/current weekly + daily play-time:

    I almost play 2 hours eveyday and I try my best to play etleats 5 days a week.

    About yourself: I live in Belgium (GMT+1) and I have Dyslection so Iam not the best at languadges, but Englisch is one of my best languadges. I like to play on the server for pvp and building/making new designs. I like the variation of thingd you can do on the server.

    Why you would be well suited to become a Support-Staff: I love playing on the server and I would love to help out anyway I can. I have been a staff member on many other servers and discords so I know how to work with this ranking in bove opinions. If I would be accepted please DM me on discord. Ty and I hope that I will be able to join the staff.^^

  • Thank you for your application however it is being rejected due to recent chat logs (see attachments) which showed you are not a suitable candidate at this time.

    You may re-apply in 3 months

    Thread Closed


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    I'm one of the admins around here, I help to manage the forums, servers and the Discord.

    Got a question? You can contact me either on Steam or via Discord - Renegade#1337

    I attempt to follow up on all staff applications, ban appeals and reports as soon as I can, but if you feel your post is being ignored please feel free to contact me or another member of staff and we will look into it.