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    Real name: Alejandro

    Age: 16

    Game and Freezzer play-time: F:300 G:1075

    Recent/current weekly + daily play-time: about 30 hours weekely but daily i can spend a whole afternoon if needed (just because its summer)

    About yourself:

    As part of the comunity of these servers i would love to go on a next level helping it improve by becoming a support staff .I am spanish however i consider that my english level is enough for the requirements of this role . In addition to this, i would also like yo state that in fact (or at least in my opinion) i am able to see both sides of the coin we call 'game comunity' as i am both a normal gamer (i pvp with average weapons and i consider my kd is decent) and a 'special (i think) gamer' as i love to play this game in all the ways as posible by tuning any kind of vahicles, making some awesome and sometimes challenging bases, trying to make giant groups and ocassionaly organising 'events' (this is fake i just say my base is unraideable and people just start coming) . Also i might have been a little toxic sometimes but most of the times i am the one being attacked verbaly .

    Why you would be well suited to become a Support-Staff:

    As i said earlier i think i could perform a major upgrade on this servers due to my activity and ways of playing .Also i would like to help the server that helped me all this years to have fun with my friends and to avoid geting bored through this hard gaming times .^^:P

    Finally, i would love to be usefull both in game and in discord, as i think i have all of the minimun requirements for becoming a staff, hope i get accepted .

  • Thank you for your application however it is being rejected due to recent chat logs (see attachments) which showed you are not a suitable candidate at this time.

    You may re-apply in 3 months

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