Ban Appeal

  • So I was recently "banned for cheating". I will admit I was cheating but, it was on a alt and the ban was like a long time ago but, I was just trying to test them out and I just wanted to see how they worked and I had NO INTENT to get banned on any server's when I got banned on reform I just stopped and deleted them because I did not want to get banned on any other servers also I WOULD NEVER cheat on my main I have over 3,000 hours, no VAC Bans. I would NEVER let that many hour's just go to waste and if I ever cheated on my main I would have been game banned on unturned by now, Also one more thing I am so sorry for what I have done this will never happen again. I hope you give me another chance. Freezzer is the reason why I kept playing the game and I still love playing it. And Last thing I can start recording me pvping when I go on freezzer like at the end of the day or when I get off unturned I'll just upload the video fully raw and send it to a staff member or something and, I'm sorry for what I've done, apologies to Reform Server's and community , I hope you forgive me and I hope I deserve a second chance. That's all I ask for.

  • Appeal rejected - we do not lift cheating bans in any case

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