Ban Appeal 8/31/2019

  • Steam :

    Discord zippohace#0272

    Reason : Extreme toxicity

    Server : All

    Executer: RenegadeNine (probably, i couldnt find myself in the banlist

    Why should you unban me:

    I mean there isnt alot i can say but the reason is that at that time i was pretty young, not really understanding warnings. I think i was around 12 at the time.

    Ive turned 14 now, but this doesnt give you a reason to unban me because age doesnt matter. The things i did to this communty is unthinkable. A mistake i

    would soon discover. the point where i judge my own mistakes. It was indeed stupid and i did not take in those words seriously. i have been extremely harsh

    to the staff and players. I have been dissrespectfull to even the highest of ranks with no shame, It disqusts me to think of the past things ive done to people

    Ive come to the realisation. that what i did is just not ok

  • Appeal rejected

    at that time i was pretty young

    Your ban was less than 5 months ago, I don't think you've changed much since then. We gave you more warnings, mutes and bans than anyone else yet you still continued your behaviour - why would this time be any different.

    You can appeal again in 6 months

    Thread Closed

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