Banned for extreme toxicity (3 months ago)

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    Extreme Toxicity|Permanent Ban
    ServerSandbox #1-2 Russia

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    I actually got banned for staff disrespect.It's was worth a 14 days ban,but after 5 minutes,boom,permanent ban.I recognise,it was a fair ban.I told Renegade "nigger" because he muted one friend,now I regret it as much as I laughed when I told him this.I am now sad because friends playing on this and I don't play,and I miss the community.Renegade,please,atleast forgive me for the inappropiate words you've been called by me.It passed 3 months,I am tired of roleplays.I really miss the players and the server.I am always dreaming of getting unbanned.Renegade,atleast if you deny my application,please,accept my apology.I was playing this server for more than 2 years,and I miss it.Hope I will get unbanned and get the second chance to play on the amazing freezzer servers;(



  • Appeal accepted - any further offences will result in another permanent ban with 0 chance of appeal

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