ban appeal

  • my steam

    I was banned because of the game with a cheater. To begin with, I was looking for a team only to cover me while I shoot with a sniper and one player cocras was looking for a team so I entered. After I started to calmly shoot without paying attention to them, sometimes watching chat. When they started writing about the fact that someone is cheating, I thought they were writing about me because they often accuse me of cheating due to the fact that I play with a matorez. After they answered that it was not me but another person, I asked the cheater’s nickname for those guys who wrote they only called me upym and without telling anyone about it when .Uzhe banned people from the team who I knew by the time chiter.No banned me.

    1. I ask you to unban by the fact that I did not know that I was playing with a cheater. Yes, and I myself am against cheat