Buff underpowered guns. [poll]

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    Lately there has been a lot of talk about nerfing overpowered weapons. But what about buffing underpowered weapons? I have never seen anyone on this server get a kill with a schofield, or hawkhound.

    I have an idea to add more variety to the guns in this server, why don't we buff the underpowered guns? Make schofield and hawkhound usefull? That way people will not be stuck using the same gun but will want to expirement around with the new buffed guns.

  • I mean killing somebody with a sportshot is much more rewarding then with a zube

    Keep some of the weapons underpowered just because their real life counterpart is weak. But for guns that would have been really powerful in real life (schofield/mosin nagant was actually a powerful rifle that can do serrious damage) buff them to actually be usefull.