• I love Freezzer, the only thing that doesnt make it my exclusive spot to play is the lack of assets that are commonly found on other servers.

    Most notably, Greece, Hawaii, and California assets. I imagine part of the reason for this is the lack of a truly official asset pack, but I can point you in the direction of an experienced and trusted admin and server owner, who can help you get the correct asset packages for these assets. Not only does it bring more variation in terms of military vehicles, but also in guns, clothing, and just helps to diversify combat overall. With the server being in creative (at least, those are the ones im recommending this for), balance of the items existence is less worrisome as all players would have access to the weapons, and they are easily and commonly found on item ID lists.

    Feel free to DM me for more information! I'd love to see these assets be added, and will do whatever I can to help facilitate their addition =D