Staff apply

  • Age:12

    Game and Freezzer play-time:200

    Recent/current weekly + daily play-time:Recent 4-5 sat,Sun 8

    About yourself:Well my real name is Leon i am a kid grade 6 i do mma I have a gf i do spoert and i like gameing i live in SA=Shouth Africa i have a youtube chanel

    Why you would be well suited to become a Support-Staff:I have staff expersins I love helping people out I am not toxic yea i have like 900 hour in the game so i understand how it works and i play most of the time when i am bored on your server it is uniq it is balnced i rly do most of my youtube i rly love this server and i want to help sry for not thta mutch detial but i rly know how to be staff and i can make a diffrens

  • I am a trail support so I can help you, but not accept or deny,

    Ok, so there are some things you need to do to improve this application

    • age, you need to be 14+ to become part of the team
    • you need to add more detail
    • and improve the presentation of this application.

    thx rly iw ill make it beter next time wen i am older

  • First off, we're sorry for the late response, this application slipped under the radar. Unfortunately on this occasion your application is being rejected. As said above our age requirement is 14+ and whilst this can be waived in certain cases, 12 is simply too far below our requirement. As also said above, we desire more playtime than you have and as well as a lot more time and care taken to your application.

    You may re-apply in 12 months

    Thread Closed

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