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    1.i had no idea you can get banned for glitching i was just playing and i spawned a tank i got in it then got out( i got in it by accident) then i somehow fell trougth the map it being my first time i decided to swim around there a little i was also playing whit my friend who got in trougth the same way i dident tell him anything like how to get in or tpa he just fell trougth the map the same way i did i realy enjoyed that server cause pepole were nice and i dident see any hackers i got in by accident and the server banned me in like 1 min i tried to swim down thinking i would die but it dident work ik its not the best reason but i just fell trougth accident i will not do it again even if i try cause its just bad and sky bases are better

  • Ban amended to 14 days

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