banned for glitching

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    reason: glitching

    server: #Sandbox 1-5

    executor: B0rb3d D3pr3ss10

    Reason: glitching


    i got banned for glitching cause i got under the map by entering a tank wich was armored up and i mean plates everywhere, but thats not important. i didn't join the discord group then so i did not know that you can be banned for glitching and it was also my first glitch under the map so i did not experience it before on other servers. i also have a tendency to ignore to read the rules so im guilty for that.

    I will enjoy playing on the freezer gaming servers again cause it was a lot of fun and all the other servers have cooldowns and forbiden items, a lot of forbiden items wich is not fun cause how can you reload a tank when the ammo for it is forbiden or a dragonfang and why cant you do a horde beacon.

    Anyways what im trying to say that i like the freezer #sandbox servers more than all the other ones.

    Also great job at keeping hackers at bay.

    also i want to know can you get extended punishmenet for a ban appeal being rejected?

  • Appeal rejected - you were spied attempting to kill players through the map whilst glitched. Should you not have done so or even just mentioned it in the appeal there may have been a different outcome

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