I want to apply for staff😊

  • Ik now how to apply for staff i have avove 600 hours on unturned and sadly about 50 hours on the servers im pretty active like every day maybe like 3-10 hours im exactly 15 and i wanted to become be able to use ctrl+f6 and ban cheaters obviously as i hate cheaters and glitchers very much and i like creatong stuff that doesnt have an important function like unradiable bases but just for look like houses cars etc. And if my other post would be actually made i would be able to have an job to make custom cars with my resources for players :) I wont cheat items as its not rly ok to use stuff like /give /i /v on survival server :/ https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197988457506/ thats my steam i hope i will become an staff and maybe later a mod :)

    Bye and goodnight (if we live in the same timezone :D)

  • Application rejected - follow this guide on how to apply

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