I want to apply for mod on just the servers not discord

  • so i will do it like the template

    Steam acc link, ingame name: Name>Exor,Steam link 👇👇


    Real name: Sebastian

    Age: 15

    Game and freezer playtime: Game 602 hours, Freezer almost 50 hours(i hope its not an big problem)

    Playtime: about 3-10 hours daily, if no holidays then very active at weekend but rarely acctive in week (Monday-friday)

    I want to becomme an ingame Mod To Ban cheaters if someone finds one Make builds that Wont affect gameplay to much like unraidable bases or glitches i mean like custom cars with windows cool houses etc.

    Thats actually all i never became an mod or staff anywhere as no one ever wanted me to be an mod or staff idk why i like work bad on ppl when asking about Mod or staff ,:\

    Thats basically everything


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  • Thank you for your interest in joining the Freezzer staff team, however unfortunately on this occasion your application is being rejected on the basis that we do not feel you are a suitable candidate at this time. We feel you lack the maturity that we are looking for and misunderstand what we look for in candidates. You are also far below the minimum playtime we desire.

    You may re-apply in 3 months

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