Staff app :D

  • Real name: Luca

    Age: 16

    Game and Freezzer play-time: freezzer playtime 700-800 game playtime 1814h

    Steam profile:

    Discord: cixtea nein#4503

    Recent/current weekly + daily play-time: I just took a break of a few months cause school was hard, but Im back for a long time ill just quit staff if i wont play, but i play like 3h daily unless I have a big project for school.

    About yourself: I live in italy, english is the second best language I can speak, I play unturned for fun and usually just chill on the server or try to have fun.

    Why you would be well suited to become a Support-Staff: I have experience on other servers ass staff and support, for example galaxypvp (jswag's server), I try to keep the chat as clean as possible and always give a chance for the player to stop his actions with a warning unless its a very severe action like cheating. I am almost always online on discord and have been in the community for a long time so I know how the commmunity and servers work. I try to keep my preferences unbiased as the rules count for everyone including me. I've always helped people that needed help in the server as best as I could for example how to spawn items etc. I am also friends with a big part of the unturned community. I always try to suggest ideas to other staff members to improve the servers as I do care for the development of a game/server which I regularly.

    Thank you!

  • Thank you for your application

    We'll get back to you with a response within 3 days

    I'm one of the admins around here, I help to manage the forums, servers and the Discord.

    Got a question? You can contact me either on Steam or via Discord - Renegade#1337

    I attempt to follow up on all staff applications, ban appeals and reports as soon as I can, but if you feel your post is being ignored please feel free to contact me or another member of staff and we will look into it.