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    Hello freezzer admins i have ban for cheats

    PrinceHu5hシCheatingPermanent2020-03-27 22:33:51

    On the ban time is 22:33 (Poland time) I'm recording on yt…cWFuEw?view_as=subscriber |watch last video.|
    i'm recordin in this day i have video "Unturned 2020.03.27 -" on this video u can see i not cheating I can send this video if admins want i got banned i dont play in this time when i wont join to serwer i got banned. I will confess i cheating 1 time in unturned and i lost my main account this is a lesson to me. and i appeal to admin for unban i really please freezzer is my favourite server u can see this on my yt channel. I ask for your understanding or unbanning at least after these 2 weeks

    "Unturned 2020.03.27 -" video is from the account on which I was banned you can see there that I do not have any skins.
    sorry for my english im not good at that language

    Regards. prince :)

  • Appeal rejected - there are multiple accounts that connected via your IP that have game bans 0 days ago

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