Nerfing a weapon

  • Considering the poll on discord, the matamorez is gonna be nerfed next week.

    I don't find that normal. After all, this item was made by Nelson, creator of the game who decided what stats this item is gonna get.

    I wanna pvp on freezzer servers against players with the unturned items not some modified sh*t. Also since we start nerfing items that are better than others, we must nerf the grizzly. After all it deals the same damage that the 2 other bolt action snipers but with a much better firerate. What about nerfing the maplestrike? After all combined with third person and maxskills (try hard mode on), it's too OP as well. Maybe this is the future of this server: maplestrike, spec ops gear, military helmet, and third person. After all why would it be called sandbox if the server starts nerfing guns? Just make kits then it will be even easier.

    I don't often use the matamorez but sometimes, I just enjoy using a gun that is in the game.

    I don't find normal to nerf Nelson's work.