banned for toxicity

  • Steam Profile :

    Reason : Toxicity

    Executor : CaptainRage_23

    Server : 1-1


    Reasons i should be unbanned


    I deeply regret what i did on Freezzer 1-1. Its really childish to be toxic and say the things i did. Some people may take it offensive and it could ruin their days. I really dont want that. Im just caught up in the moment in the game. I have found a way to coop with the anger and i just had a huge clan war against hyperdrive and i was excited that we beat them because they have such high ego's and i kinda let myself slip off the behavior chart. But over the 2 1/2 years of playing this server i have gotten better at dealing with anger. Also its really not worth a 7 day ban to say ez and make other people angry. Im 13 years old and im kinda oblivious to people potentially having autism and hurting there feelings. That is my appeal :|

  • Appeal rejected due to the fact that you have 4 previous mutes for the same offence

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