Ban appeal for extreme toxicity (perm)

  • Steam Profile :

    Reason : Extreme Toxicity

    Executor : Bar Le Devil

    Server : 1-2


    Reasons i should be unbanned


    It's very hard to convince the staff team to unban me after 4 bans, so I'm not gonna jump right in the "pls unban" and a 4th chance isn't a thing so I'm not gonna ask about an unban because I don't deserve one and everyone can agree on that. So I'm gonna ask you for a downgrade to a month or three, or a 1 year mute but not a perm mute because I think that's only there for people who spam the n word and extremely offensive slurs in world or area chat.

  • You already got the privilege of having one of your previous bans edited to your liking. You will remain banned permanently and any further appeals will be rejected. Appeal rejected.

    Thread Closed

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