Changing the matamorez nerf.

  • The recent freezzer's matamorez nerf made the damage go from 70 to 50 making it as good as an augewehr.

    To me it would be more balanced to make the damage as it was before but to decrease the range from 300 meters to 150 meters as it was before. This way, players camping with the mata wouldn't be a problem and it would make sure that unlike before in a mata vs maplestrike, the mata always has to be in the maplestrike's range.

  • We cannot change the range of weapons, only the base damage.

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  • TBH having people rely more on, I don’t know, aim for sniping is great. The mata is rarely used anymore but tbh people still try to use it probably because they think they can get their kills with it. The mata being merged means people need to understand how to actually fight, not hide like a coward. I think it’s perfectly fine where it is.