it's me ElDonneur, I'm calm

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    RenegadeNine or Irmiz, I don't remember

    Reason why you should unban me:

    I'm so calm right now, and I'm friendly, I'll mute the chat if you want, and I'm not toxic anymore. I deeply regret what i did on Freezzer 1-1. Its really childish to be toxic and say the things i did. Some people may take it offensive and it could ruin their days. I really dont want that. Im just caught up in the moment in the game. I have found a way to coop with the anger and i just had a huge clan war against hyperdrive and i was excited that we beat them because they have such high ego's and i kinda let myself slip off the behavior chart.

  • Ban revoked and replaced with 30 day mute - any further offences will result in a permanent ban with no appeal

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