• Hello, I play on the map russia from freezer, I recently discovered a glitch to clone things for accident, however, I found a base that is glitch abusing, IT has a lot, and a lot of sentrys with same guns withsame attachments and some of them with the same durability, it los obviously like a glitched base. I dont think is fair that these guys abuse that, the base is located on the right corner or the map, near the ocean. The owners of this base is Alduin_Salamin, Rammeread, Meldrodic town, lord tech of York and other people That belong to the same Group, also lunde knows about this glitch abuse base. Also the glitch idk if still exist but it workst bye putting something on a vehicle , like a locker, save stuff inside, save IT on garage and IT Will drop the stuff, and then, when u respawn the vehicle, IT Will have the surf u saved and you Will have the stuff IT droped. I dont have evidence since its hard to get close due ridiculous ammount of sentrys, but I managed to look at them when they left the generator off and sentrys as well.

  • The dupe bug has been patched however if you can provide Steam IDs to the owners of the base we can check it out.

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  • Look, im raiding now, since the base is turned off, how you explain I have stole 6 nikorevs with same ammo, same hp, sabe attachments? Bro, its obvious. All guns wich are nikorevs are 99% and with 196 bullets, and I hace witneses this place is glitch abusing.