Banshee in Frezzer servers

  • I play on EU servers and one of my favoraite additions to Unturned as a game is the Banshee sub machine gun. The banshee is based of the MP7, and has a high firerate and high recoil which makes it a challenging gun to master, but makes it rewarding if mastered. I tried spawning one in on the Frezzer pvp servers (I play on EU) but I havent been able to get one. Is the gun even in the frezzer servers? If it isnt, will it ever be added? I think it would have a good place as one of the go too guns of holding down an area in CQC (Places like scorpion 7, O leary Prison, etc). The meta is focused on mid-long range and I think the Banshee would have a good niche as a good CQC weapon that focusses on short range combat.