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    Extreme Toxicity

    I think my lack of understanding the freezzer system or me not taking the rules seriously is what got me banned on my second chance

    I should have corrected myself as fast as possible back then, I should have listen to the admins, I should not have been disrupting the arena match,

    I think its my Idiotic behaviour that got me banned the first time, I should not have been posting food pictures in the discord server

    You may be asking why i should be unbanned, And honestly i dont have a clear awnser to that. But what i know is that people can be retarded and idiotic
    But they can also change their behaviour based on previous punishments, I just feel guilt for screwing up my last chance, I shouldnt have been idiotic

    I think because i kept going with this shitty behaviour is what caused me to gain a bad reputation around the server. I should not have been doing these behaviours in the first place, My second chance was my second chance, I should have stopped being an idiotic person by my second chance,

    I think its because i didnt listen to the admins and their warnings is why i have been banned, It was stupid for me to act toxic to this extent

    I poured money into the server because i loved to play on it, it was the only thing i was able to play

    But i believe its because i was too young to understand or not willing to understand the system,

    I would go and apologize to everyone i was being toxic to, if i could

    I should not have been toxic towards the admins (Ive already apologized about that in DM's with one of them)

    I hope i can just have one more time to prove myself of what i actually am and what my capabilities are

    I just need time and effort

    I forgive you, You can forgive me, But i dont forgive myself…2360862588939/perkele.mp4

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  • Appeal accepted - any further offences will result in a permanent ban with no appeal

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