Feedback on Sandbox #5

  • After leaving unturned for 3 month, I came back to pvp a lil'. And what better place to do that than on Freezzer 1-5 on Washington?

    I join and, surprise surprise, 5 people were online. Whatever I say, I will come back tomorrow. The next day, still 5 or 6 people were on the server.

    "I am really unlucky" was my first thought. After checking for a week how many people were connecting themselves to the different freezzer servers, I notice that we were never reaching 30 players online like back in the days; sometimes painfully reaching 12 to 15 players.

    My question is: after 4 years (maybe more I wasn't playing unturned back then anyway), are the freezzer servers dying?

    I really want to hear some players' opinions, tho after finding this I think the answer is yes they are dying (RIP).

    Between nerfing a lot of fun weapons to use (honestly calling these servers sandbox is almost clickbait at this point), and the amount of tryhards and tryhards posses just there to ruin the fun for everyone, was it bound to happen? Maybe. Thing is, I don't know if the freezzer's team is aware of the situation if there is one (maybe this is just temporary because it was back to school time and every 12 yeard old unturned player has to do homework instead of playing) or if they even care, but some decisions to make their server fun again would be needed.

    Hopefully some changes happen but if not, I had a very fun time playing on your servers and am sad it comes to an end.

  • Freezzer 1-5 (Now 5) died becuase there used to be giant groups that had 7+ players in. They used to camp Seattle (Main PvP point of the map) which made many players sick of playing on 1-5 so everyone left for other servers or just changed to 1-1. Its sad that there were players that decided to be entitled enough to ruin others fun on that level but most of them dont even play at this point so 1-5 might come back one day but i dont think it will happen anytime soon.