Update Notes

  • Update Notes:


    • Added hang gliders.
    • Added war boat, skipper and scrounger vehicles.
    • Added deadzone to Hawaii.
    • Added option to preferences to disable bloom lens dirt.


    • Improved volcano area on Hawaii.
    • Improved to log asset capitalization differences to errors.


    • Tweaked hovercraft skirt, turn radius.
    • Tweaked seaplane bumper size.


    • Fixed placing storage on drowned vehicles about to despawn.
    • Fixed to properly cleanup buildables on vehicle when despawned.
    • Fixed chart baking and updated Hawaii chart.
    • Fixed closing editor pause menu.
    • Fixed possible bug with devkit dropdowns.
    • Fixed saving kill volume configuration.
    • Fixed naming of several Hawaii objects breaking Linux servers.
    • Fixed placing barricades on a few vehicles.
    • Fixed seaplane tail colliders and removed halos.
    • Fixed coaster seats 3 and 4 to face forward.
    • Fixed colliders and headlight/taillight on fishing boat.
    • Fixed mismatched materials on serveral vehicles.
    • Fixed colliders and incorrect seats in fire truck.
    • Fixed fishing boat boyancy alignment.
    • Fixed hospital vehicle collision and hospital building fortification slots.
    • Fixed spruance fortification slots.
    • Fixed cruiseliner glass transparency.
    • Fixed Industrial_Pipe_Gate serverside collision.
    • Fixed tree stump materials and hitboxes.
    • Fixed lighting on seaweed objects.
    • Fixed clipping on Haiku railings.
    • Fixed ship repair bay fortification slots.
    • Fixed floating phones.
    • Fixed floating/sunken trees and through cave ceilings.
    • Fixed a player spawn underneath the map.
    • Fixed some large terrain holes.
    • Fixed volcano kill volumes to affect vehicles.
    • Fixed helipad at hospital.
    • Fixed objects appearing through facility walls.
    • Fixed floating tables at the memorial.
    • Fixed hang glider spawns.
    • Fixed missing ranger spawns.
    • Fixed coastguard spawns to use newer systems.
    • Fixed audio in dark ambiance caves.