Contryxs Application

  • 1. Some basic info!

    - Sex: male

    - Age: 14

    - Born: 18.07.2002

    - Country: Germany

    - Languages: English, Norwegian

    - Time zone: UTC+01

    - IGN: Contryx

    - Gmail: [email protected]

    - Steam:

    2. How will you help the server?

    I see myself simply helping the server by providing any type of support for players, and staff alike. The largest role I feel I would play is being a voice of reason and a fresh head in the circle for ideas. I personally love planning events and different types of community gatherings. Some things on Discord, like game nights or even hosting a gathering in-game that can be organized. I think we need more togetherness and have fun with each other.

    - I don't mind if someone calls me for help. I will try to help fresh spawns and team with them and help them get their experience rising from every minute they play this game and people who just joined the community I would be delighted to show them what's going on around this community and how it works.

    3. What makes you different from the other players?

    My hopes here are to give something to improve the quality of life of the server and to the people I will be working with and hopefully manage the stability of the overall community on the server. I also want to help everyone on the server and I am friendly and respectful to.

    4. Have you ever been banned on the server?

    I have not been banned on any of the Unturned Beast servers or any other servers on Unturned.

    5. What are your future plans to change this server to a better place?

    The server could be more safe as I am spending a lot of hours and my experience can help me catch some hacker that are destroying the game. I could also provide new and updated information to new players and help them understand the game from the scratch . Also as i am about to start streaming I will bring new people to server and populate them ( but they are most of times filled up which is so good ). Last but not least i could help at bringing new stuff in the server as i had my own servers and I was managing them mostly

    6. What rank are you applying for?

    Helper/mod and looking forward.

    7. Other info (Optional)

    My real name is Conny I play football and go in the fitness studio.

    I have more than 700 game hours and I start to play unturned last year.

    And I love to play with friends or new people.

    So don’t worry be happy 

  • This application is very thorough and I appreciate the detail in your application, I see you take the application process seriously and put some real time and effort in.

    However, unfortunately all our staff members need to meet our age requirement of 16, and if that requirement is not met, your application will automatically be declined. On this basis, your application is being declined, however please feel free to apply once you meet all our requirements.

    Thread Closed

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