Support Application

  • Application requirements:

    Game Playtime: 555 Hours

    Freezzer Playtime: 52 hours 23 minutes. <--- This playtime doesn't show how active I am on Freezzer network itself. I only joined recently and I have started to become very active on Freezzer arenas. I'm always complaining to staff members about rule breakers in the game because I am online a lot and get to see all of this. I would not apply to then become inactive as it wastes my time and yours.

    Age: 16

    Language Skills: I am fully English.

    Application Format Name is Mim1805

    Real Name: Liam

    Game And Freezzer Playtime: 555 Hours and Freezzer is 52 hours

    About me:

    I think I will be well suited for the Support role because I have started to become really active on the Freezzer servers, the main server I am on is Washington Arena 3-2. I always see rule breakers that I cannot do anything about apart from annoying the staff on discord. Being able to become part of the Freezzer staff team would be really cool! I would meet a lot of new people and be able to help the server itself. I am a fun guy, I can sit down and have a laugh with the players. I can also become the staff member I am expected to be when needed. I will be online a lot making sure to enforce the rules correctly.

  • Firstly, thank you for your interest in joining the Freezzer team.

    Your application is being declined, on the basis that your activity on Freezzer servers has been exceedingly low in the past 2-3 weeks (6 hours in total), and activity is an essential part of being part of the team. If your activity increases in the next few weeks/months, feel free to re-apply.

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