Story Time

  • Chapter 1 Verse 2

    Shadowbane woke up and recalled that

    Just last week when I was walking down the street and I observed this lovely lady that I wanted to meet. I walked up to her I said hello, she said you're kind of cute I said yes I know. I asked "But by the way sweetheart what's your name?" She said my friends like to call me exotic Elaine. I said my name is the Prince and she said why, I said well I don't know I'm just a hell of a guy.

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  • Chapter 1 Verse 3

    A sudden shock came through my mind and then flashbacks came one by one - i noticed that i have seen this lady in one of the flashbacks but i dont remember this event happening at all , and with a slice through the heart , the lady stabbed me with a katana hidden in her back. While falling through the ground - I remember that on every part of my life - somewhere out there - ive met this lady and subsequently - she will kill me ." Oh - ive felt this before , i guess im going to die again - back to start from zero . "

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