Staff Application 2

  • -Name: Raizel

    -Age: 19

    -Game play-time: 637 hours

    -Freezer play-time: 501 hours

    -Applying for: Staff

    This is my second attempt applying, I hope this time I can make it this time.

    About Myself:

    I am a college student currently studying in the West, although I am from Hong Kong. I have studied in the US for 4 years so I can speak fluent English and mandarin, which can help me communicate and understand problems better. Being an active player on survival servers 1-5, I’m able to spend 20-30 hours per week on the server. I have played the game for a while so I know how the game operates and works.

    Reason why I applied again:

    I want to reapply showing that I got better and really want to help you guys out. Since my last application, I have studied bugs and rules more carefully, so I can implement them properly. The motivation for me to apply for this job is to stop this game from being ruined by toxic, racist, cheaters, or glitchers, and so everyone can enjoy it. Spending 600 + hours deep into the game not only brought me joy and new friends but also allowed me to watch players who took advantage of English server and spam disrespectful language to many international players who were not aware of the situation. As an international player myself, could not tolerate this violation to keep harming the game’s environment. Thus, becoming one of the moderators will be part of my devoting gaming life. To be a moderator, helping players out, making new friends and stopping racisms, hate speeches and making the game a better environment for all players are my priorities.

    Experiences I have:

    I have little online gaming moderation experience, this is backed up by my position as a secretary and editor for my school’s key club for a year. I was responsible for all the clubs’ committee reports and submitting the organized report to our main district. Keeping records, files and details for a smooth and steady operation of the club was my main jobs. I am also responsible for creating newspaper for important upgrades and notifying club activity updates to students as well as designing magazines, posters, t-shirt and rally signs. More than that, Collecting, organizing new ideas from students and presenting it to the main distrait were also my responsibility.

    I really want to join your team and help you guys out.

    I will be looking forward to hearing from you guys.

    Thank you for reading this.