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    You mean Gray aka Keaune. Fyi he's the rank #2 best KDR player in Freezzer. I've known him for awhile now and he doesn't hack. Furthermore, you do not have any evidence to back up your report.

    I don't agree with having the top #15 players on the leaderboard. It's just unnecessary and looks messy. It used to be top #30 players but that was when the whole page was dedicated to it. As of now, all the stats are jammed into one page making it look very unorganised. I don't know if it's possible but there should be a separate page just to search up a player's stats while the leaderboard remains top #10.

    Also yea I agree with phoenix. Naturally there won't be as much PvP as there is in the sandbox servers so reducing the minimum kills should be a good idea.


    There definitely are advantages and disadvantages of the /home command. I only play on the sandbox servers and /home is only available to donors. That makes sense as the /home command is indeed a huge convenience to players as they can just teleport back to their bed instantly. However there is still a cooldown for a few minutes before being able to use it again so players can't spam and abuse it.

    For survival servers I think the /home command should be available to all. Especially in maps like Russia where it is particularly big, it is of huge trouble for people to travel around without a vehicle. The /home command would come in very handy. The only "bad side" of this is that people can just use it to escape from a PvP situation. However I think that is completely fine as everyone will have excess to that command and it would not be unfair. Like phoenix said, a waiting period of 10 seconds while the player is still can be added and that is what most survival servers have. It is not too overpowered as standing still for 10 seconds is not easy, especially in a PvP situation, unless the players goes and hide. But then again there's nothing to lose with this if you think about it; the player who you're hunting down escapes and you don't get his loot, that's about it. It can be frustrating at times but think about it as part of the fun!

    Like Osephyr said, it is also very helpful when during base raids. If the base you're raiding is far away from your base, in a map like Russia, it's definitely very troublesome to travel around. To conclude, I think that the /home command can be added to the survival servers for all players to use with a cooldown period and the rule where you have to stand still for 10 seconds.


    IGN: Acid

    Country: Singapore

    Age: 17

    Hours in Unturned: 1.3k+

    I am an active player of the sandbox servers with a KDR of 12.00+ and have over 25k kills. With that in mind plus the hours I have in the game, you can say I am pretty experienced at the game. I have always wanted to be part of the team as I enjoy helping people. I have reported several players to Freenex and those players have been banned. I also constantly guide new players in the server by answering their questions, usually about how to save their inventory, and also telling them more useful information. I have noticed the lack of active moderators in the servers thus I am volunteering myself to help watch over the servers and keeping an eye out for cheaters or toxic players. I see myself as a mature, fun-loving and approachable person but I definitely know how to be strict and enforce rules when the time comes. I am also a community manager of a particularly big online music community, known as From this experience, I know how to manage and talk to people, and to use my permissions only when necessary. I play Unturned daily for several hours depending on what day it is. If it's on the weekdays, I can be online for about 2-4 hours or more. If it's on the weekends, it will usually tend to be about 4-6 hours. I am also on an asian timezone so this will definitely help you guys out as most of you are on another timezone. I have never been an Unturned server moderator/admin as I was never given the chance to and most of which I signed up for are just messy communities who don't know what they're doing.