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    Hello again,

    Sure I can add you, but what do you need help with? Or do you just want to show me your progress?


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    Am I just stupid or not getting the point?

    What exactly glitched and made you spawn somewhere else? You clicked respawn not home?

    confused as hell..


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    Hello there,

    If it says you're banned from multiplayer you're global banned.

    If it says you're banned from this server you're banned on a server.

    That's what I'd guess, but I was never banned so I have no idea about the Messages you get upon joining.

    Hope that helped,

    [US] Col. Quell

    Hello there,

    I doubt that anyone here is able to take any action without recordings, screenshots or log-checks of what he actually glitched.

    Some more information would be very helpful for the responsible staff members so they can at least look into this Report and figure out what happened.

    Right now this is (in my opinion) not a useable report.

    Don't seek help if you can't provide something to start with.

    Thank you,

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    Jets are pretty eazy to dodge


    Just to clarify something - hiding /=/ dodging.

    If you sit somewhere or hide inside a building it's obviously very easy to "dodge" a jet.

    Try getting rid of one in an open field, have fun running like a rabbit trying to get away from a hungry fox.


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    Hi there,

    Slap your brother every single day so "he" regrets getting you muted on this community.

    If it wasn't your brother (which I'm 99% sure) you can also slap yourself.

    I'm not responsible for any damage tho.

    Have fun,

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    There we go,

    The 10-year old russian strikes again.

    What's next?

    A video where he's drinkin vodka and screaming "cykaaaaaaaaa blyaaaaaaaaaaaat!"?

    What a time to be alive,

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    Hello Buddy,

    Is there anything you got done so far? Or a list of what things you're currently working on so we as a community may be able to help you out?

    I'm really interested in the roleplay server but since the last post in this thread it has gone quiet once again.

    Hope to hear from you,

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    Hello there,

    This is what happens when you have 12-year old russian glitchers.

    Made my day. Thanks.

    Take it easy,

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    I understand now but as i said (IN MY OPINION) a kick would be the good option first but as the player has been warned a few times the staff member took the right decision

    I completely agree with this.

    You should never ban someone without giving them a "proper" last warning in form of a kick or something even the dumbest people couldn't miss.

    Hello there,

    You donated to the server to keep it alive in the first place, not to get "perks" or special stuff ingame, right?

    Therefore I don't see the point of asking for a refund unless you donated like 100 EUR+ or something like that.

    Keep in mind that donations keep the servers alive that you love to play and spend time on. Support what you like.


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    Hello there,

    I love how weapons and things are being called "op". What is overpowered? What is normalpowered or underpowered?

    It's not like a rocket launcher can destroy or kill a whole map in one shot or anything like that.

    When you're holding it you're very vurnerable aswell, the ammunition (in survival) is pretty expensive and you can't even buy the launcher in the shop anymore.

    In my opinion it's not OP at all.


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    Hello there,

    I don't think something like this should be banned from Survival.

    Maybe from Sandbox, who knows, I never play that and can't tell how it Looks like with the jets there.

    But in survival a jet is really, really expensive and people should get something for their money, something strong.

    I would not consider the fighter Jet as "overpowered" since you can blow it up really easy.


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