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    Real name: Isaac

    Age: 17

    Game and Freezzer play-time: 107 hour's on the Sandbox server

    Recent/current weekly + daily play-time: 3 hour's a day and 9 week

    About yourself: I love helping people out. I really enjoy it and I think it's really fun. I do not like when people are grumpy (I want them to be happy all the time). I love when people help each other out and I enjoy seeing other people helping them out also. Why you would be well suited to become a Support-Staff: I would be well suited for Support-Staff because I love helping people out. I think people who are happy are nice and kind and if someone is grump I'll try to cheer them up as much as I can. I think hacking is stupid and useless. I want people to play your server all the time because I love your server's. My time is CDT aka Central time. I want people to be happy all the time and be nice and kind. If I do get staff I will ban people if they are hacking, I will also mute people if they are spamming and I will also kick people if they are spamming. I have a lot of experience with being staff but all the server's got shut down that I was staff on. I think people enjoy your server and I do to. I will help a lot of people and answer question's if they have any. I will try to play every day but if I don't I am either at baseball or practicing for baseball. I love helping people out because i think it's really fun and because I enjoy it. I love when people are happy and kind. I also will stop fight's in chat. I have 107 hour's so far and when I get 150 I'll try to tell you or one of your staff member's. I am applying for staff on the sandbox server's that you own on unturned. I love your server's (the sandbox one's). I have played them ever since I started unturned. I love playing with other people and I think it's really fun. If I'm not on then I am currently going to baseball and playing or practicing baseball.