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    Steam Profile: Steam Name: Krusty.

    Real Name: Jan

    Age: 16

    In Unturned i have 752 hours, In Freezzer servers my Play time is 238 Hours.

    Recent/current weekly + daily play-time: 19 hours (Weekly), 2-3 (Daily).

    About me

    Hello, My name is Jan, I live in England, I turned 16 not long ago (which was fun). PC gaming has been a love in my life

    and also I'm into a bit of Parkour and rock climbing. Not only PC gaming has been a hobby for me but just PC's in general.

    Becoming a member of staff has caught my eye and I wouldn't mind trying to apply a second time and help out. I may have

    not really been active on unturned for a while but if someone has a problem I'm happy to connect and help. You can call

    me mature and sensible but sometimes I may have a silly mood.

    I can speak Polish and English Fluently and my Russian is getting better.

    Why do I want to be a support member?

    Well it kind of started when i first joined the discord server, I noticed people wanted help so I felt like i could

    deliver. I understand Unturned, I've been playing it for a while now so I thought i might get that second chance

    to help new people or someone that needs help with an issue for example. Like I said in my previous submission,

    If someone has done enough to get a mute or kick I will act straight away but if its not serious i could try talk to them

    and make them change or stop (Unless they have done too much that is).

    I'm not afraid to use my microphone if necessary.

    And overall i think there is no problem with an extra member to help people,

    so if i do make it this time i will be glad too take part and there is not much to add to that.

    Thank you for looking into this application,

    Hope to see myself as a support,



    Krusties Application

    Steam Profile: Steam Name: Krusty.

    Real Name: Jan Lewandowski.

    Age: 15 (turning 16 June 5th)

    Unturned Playtime: 634 hours, Server Playtime: 185 hours.

    Recent/current weekly + daily play-time: 24 hours (Weekly), 2-5 hours (Daily).

    About Me:

    My name is Jan, I live in England, I'm 15 and i cannot lie I tend to swear ( I know i can control my swearing though) but I'm

    not rude and not easily offended, i also ask a lot of questions^^.I really like unturned I'll be playing it almost daily

    sometimes at night. I've been into PC Gaming since i was 9 years old.

    I can speak Polish and English with no difficulty and I'm also learning a bit of

    Russian (At a slow rate).

    I feel like I can call myself mature and Helpful.

    Why i wan't to help:

    The reason i would like this position is I'm interested to help others for example

    new people and people that need help and i feel like i can be the one that helps,

    Like i said above i play unturned a lot and have a strong grasp of the game

    and feel like i can help the freezzer community and servers to be even more of

    a happier place (not that it isn't already). If a someone was breaking freezzers

    rules i would give them a chance (talk to them try make them stop/change).

    I wouldn't Ban/kick them instantly, unless they have already broken too many


    I'm not shy and I do have a microphone so if anyone (staff team / members)

    needs to talk.

    Simply i have been in to the freezzer community quite a lot recently and I'm just

    really interested to join in and help.

    Thanks for reading, Hope i get the position,

    Krusty :):thumbup:.